About 5star.cam

At any given moment, there are thousands of webcam performers all over the world on hundreds of sites. But which performers provide a good show? Which ones are the most expensive, and which ones are the least expensive? When you choose to visit their web chat page, will they be online, or are they offline, wasting your time? This is all critical information a person requires to have a good experience when viewing webcam performers.

The 5star.com project uses advanced database technology to do the work for a viewer who just wants to find the best cams at the quickest pace. In the databases of 5star.cam, there are thousands of performers, and in that database, many things are stored about them, such as what they will do on cam, how much they charge, and what their show rating is. This information helps 5star determine if they are the right performer for you.

Every 10 minutes, 5star refreshes its main site. It selects a small number of models with a 4.6-star or 5-star rating and checks if they are currently online before displaying them to website viewers like yourself.

When visiting a 5star.cam site, individuals seeking a webcam performance can be confident that all the models displayed were online no more than 10 minutes ago. This ensures that if they weren’t online, they wouldn’t be listed.

Each category of model is separated out, into separate sites, so girl performers are displayed on girl.5star.cam, fetish models on fetish.5star.cam, mature models on mature.5star.cam, couple on couple.5star.cam, gay males on gay.5star.cam, and lesbian females on lesbian.5star.cam, and shemale, or people born as men who are in transition or fully transitioned to females, on shemale.5star.cam.

On each of the aforementioned sites, there is a comprehensive bio section, and all the models are categorized appropriately on the 5star.cam website itself.
If you would like to explore each of these sites, please find the links on the title bar above.